Apr 27, 2015

Scheduled maintenance Apr 28, 2015

Server is now open!

Enjoy the game once again!


We will be performing a temporary maintenance, Apr 28, 2015, starting at 07:00(UTC), 00:00 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately four hours.

Maintenance notes

<Contents & Events>
- Tau Kingdom Dungeons and Event
- Get Pinky! Event
- X3 Legacy Pot Event

For more details, please refer to the upcoming event page.

- Abello's Card Compound and Upgrade function fixed.
- Crash when receiving mail in dungeon fixed.
- PvP rank for AI characters in Tower of Despair removed.
- Canna's Potion Shop added.
- User Interface text for Auction and Guild fixed.
- Reported Grammar and spelling mistake for Quests, Dungeons, Skills and Items fixed.

*FP Double Event is extended for 2 weeks more!!
[Fatigue Recovery Potion (156, 3 days) only to newly created characters.]

Thank you for your patience.

Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team