Mar 24, 2015

Server connection problem

Now, we have found there is a server connection problem.
DFO support team is looking for solution to make everything fine,
We are monitoring the game for 24 hours to take care of this kind of bad thing
So, please be patient. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Existing issues after emergency maintenance on Mar 24

After emergency maintenance, we announce a few of the existing issues.

1. <Alpha test class advancement quest issue>

Problem: After clearing class advancement quest, changing class into wrong one or awakening not available

- We are trying to find a solution and will support by any means. We request your patience.

2. <Delegie server issue>
Problem: Too much loading time or no connecting at all to Delegie server

- During emergency maintenance, partially problems were solved but still, connection is not really stable. DFO Support team is stabilizing now and will implement a patch soon with stable one. For those who live near the North America Western area, please be patient.

3. <Other connection problems>
Problem: Connection problems happening on the launcher, server seleting screen and channel selecting screen

- We are also investigating and analyzing on the issue, but, with sincerely apology, it will take some more time to solve.

Other than those issues above, DFO Support Team keeps monitoring if there are any other problems. We will try our best to grasp and solve the problems
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

[Finished] Emergency maintenance


Finally, the server is now up!
Now, you can play DFO once again!
Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much
- DFO Support Team



Unfortunately, we found a technical issue. 

Therefore, the maintenance will be extended until 2:30PM UTC. We truly apologize the unexpected extension of maintenance. When DFO servers are fixed and be ready to open, we will let you know by notice on Facebook and our notice blog. 

Thank you for your understanding 

- DFO Support Team


Attention all fighters,

We are going to have an emergency maintenance now due to unexpected technical issues.

All the servers will be down for some time.

Please continue to check back on our blog, or follow our status updates on Facebook

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team

Important message to those who participated in Alpha test

<Important message to those who participated in Alpha test>

To retrieve your characters created back in Alpha test for OBT, please press Facebook icon to create your account.

Also, the problem creating account with Facebook email address without pressing Facebook icon and not integrating with your Facebook account is now solved. If that is your case, please go to My Account and click Connect button.

Those who did not participated in Alpha last year, it is not applicable.

Recruiting volunteers for our community

We want some volunteers for our community, so are now recruiting Community Assistants. Helping one another will make the game warmer and happier!

<Job description>
- Grasping the community trend/atmosphere
- Reporting anything wrong/abnormal in game
- Periodically reporting above in document form to Neople
- Delivering message to players if needed
- (For manager) Administrating CAs
- Other operations given by Neople
- Term, 6 months but depending on job quality, possible to remaining or to be discharged

- Those who participated in Alpha test
- Those who participate in OBT Part I
- Cover letter (About a page long, brief self-introduction and your plan or thoughts to manage community)
- Well-behaved in-game manners

- CA Manager (1/server): 4,000 Cera/mo. (US$40 value)
- CAs (4/server): 3,000 Cera/mo. 
(US$30 value)

- Apr 1, 2015: Deadline to submit cover letter
- Apr 7, 2015: Acceptance announcement

Apply if you think you can be dedicated to DFO!
Please send your cover letter to Email address below.

Protection Campaign


Finally, DFO has been open!
As you know, the most fatal thing for the game must be hacking. We are looking for the best way to protect DFO and also it is the way to protect yourselves.

Thus, we
ve decided to commence a campaign, I protect my account myself!!!.

First, please change your password once a week.

Second, please turn off the apps that enables auto-saving account info. or keeping logging-in on public PCs.

Your participation can protect your account and personal information.

Thank you.

Notice regarding OBT part 1

Long wait is over!

OBT Part I is starting on Mar 24 1:00 AM (PDT) OBT 1.

<Brief OBT Part I content list>

-       Max. level 70
-       The Arad Continent and Empyrean area
-       Characters: Slayer(M), Gunner(M&F), Mage(M&F), Priest, Thief, Dark Knight and Creator
-       1st Awakening
-       Skill Reset free of charge
-       Practice Arena

<Some facts and notes for OBT Part I>

-       Adblock may hide Facebook/Google+ icons on top of screen
-       Korea, China and Japan IPs blocked
-       Minor Email domains not available for registration to avoid illegal farming, gold selling, hacking, etc.

PC specs
Core2 Duo 3.0 GHz or above
4GB or above
10 GB HDD Free space or more
Microsoft Windows XP or above
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above

The server may be unstable depending on situations. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you and have fun in the game!

-       Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team