May 11, 2015

Scheduled maintenance May 12, 2015

The server is now open!
Please enjoy DFO once again!
Thank you for your patience!


We will be performing a temporary maintenance, May 12, 2015, starting at 07:00(UTC), 00:00 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately six hours.

Maintenance notes

<Contents & Events>
- Max. level extended (80, Shonan Area disclosed)
- Dungeon & Balls Event
- Enchanted Event
- Everyday DFO Event
- Item of the Month changed
- Runa's Guide added

For more details, please refer to the upcoming event page.

- Rare equipment drop rate huge increased
- Material item drop rate increased 
- Klonter Magic Sealed Equipment Shop added.
- Missing Hyper Mecha Tau Transformation potion expiration date set
- Demonize Skill for Avenger class fixed
- Hell Freezer's Ice Chain skill fixed
- Exorcist God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise skill fixed
- Monk's Will Driver Upgrade skill fixed
- OP Gauntlet description fixed. (35% -> 35)
- Quests requiring Victory Token removed
- Various Quest, Dungeons and Item typo fixed. (Special thanks to reporters!)

*FP Double Event is ends
[Fatigue Recovery Potion (156, 3 days) only to newly created characters.]

*Accumulated Mileage will be reset after maintenance Jun 9, 2015

Thank you for your patience.

Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team