Mar 31, 2015

About XIGNCODE3 collecting personal info./private files rumours

Dear DFO Players,

There are many questions about XIGNCODE 3, a security software for DFO, so we are giving you some answers.

1. XIGNCODE 3 runs/ends with the game client at the same time, so if the client is off, XIGNCODE 3 is also off. It does not run as standalone.

2. Unlike one of the forum postings saying, XIGNCODE 3 does not collect any information or contents of private files/folders/chatting logs at all. It only scans the existence of hacking tools or suspicious malwares

Again, you do not have to worry about invasion of privacy or harms your PC by XIGNCODE 3.
Please do not be confused with wrong information from groundless sources.

Thank you.

-DFO Support Team