Mar 24, 2015

Recruiting volunteers for our community

We want some volunteers for our community, so are now recruiting Community Assistants. Helping one another will make the game warmer and happier!

<Job description>
- Grasping the community trend/atmosphere
- Reporting anything wrong/abnormal in game
- Periodically reporting above in document form to Neople
- Delivering message to players if needed
- (For manager) Administrating CAs
- Other operations given by Neople
- Term, 6 months but depending on job quality, possible to remaining or to be discharged

- Those who participated in Alpha test
- Those who participate in OBT Part I
- Cover letter (About a page long, brief self-introduction and your plan or thoughts to manage community)
- Well-behaved in-game manners

- CA Manager (1/server): 4,000 Cera/mo. (US$40 value)
- CAs (4/server): 3,000 Cera/mo. 
(US$30 value)

- Apr 1, 2015: Deadline to submit cover letter
- Apr 7, 2015: Acceptance announcement

Apply if you think you can be dedicated to DFO!
Please send your cover letter to Email address below.