Apr 6, 2015

Weekend Bonus Burning Event for EU fans!

We heard the Weekend Burning Event took place at undesirable hours for DFO fans in the European regions.

However, it was because we had to do it at the peak time for stress testing.

No matter what the cause was, we felt sorry for what happened, so we have now decided to hold the event as below this weekend.


Apr 11~12, 2015, 18:00~22:00 (UTC/GMT)
Apr 11~12, 2015, 11:00~15:00 (PDT)
Apr 11~12, 2015, 14:00~18:00 (EDT)
Apr 11~12, 2015, 15:00~19:00 (BRT)

EU fans, please take your Burning Hours and enjoy DFO with X2 Stage Clear EXP this time.

Also, those in other regions do not have to be disappointed because we are trying to figure out how to hold the event that any DFO fans in anywhere in the world can enjoy the event no matter where their time zone is.

Thank you.

-Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team