Jun 8, 2015

Scheduled maintenance Jun 9, 2015

The server is now open!
Please enjoy DFO once again!
Thank you for your patience!

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance, Jun 9, 2015, starting at 07:00(UTC), 00:00 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately seven hours.

Maintenance notes

<Contents & Events>
- Max. level extended (85, Slaugh Industrial Complex)
- Item of the Month in Jun
- Party Time Event
- Full Throttle to 85 Event
- Seria’s Greeting Event
- Secure Your Account Event

For more details, please refer to the upcoming event page.

- Security card system and Goblin PIN system implemented
- Missing advancement effect for Monk class when using Demolition Punch fixed
- Growing Fatigue now applied up to level 84
- Max level Growth Capsule level requirement changed from LV.50~69 to LV.50~84
- Tower of Despair player APC at every 10th floor now functioning properly
- Monsters LV.27 or below now dropping equipment item box not equipment itself. Equipment item box containing various kinds of equipment, selectable.
- Various typos in items and quests fixed

*Accumulated Mileage amount reset
*Alpha Test character restoration operation ended
*In-game names taken from Alpha Test and unused now available

Thank you for your patience.
- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team