Mar 25, 2015

Finally Delezie is Opened!!!

Greetings, long waited NA-West players!

Before we announce anything, we want to say thank you so much for waiting.
Improved NA-West Server is open now, however not in perfect status.
To solve Alpha testers character creation issue, Alpha testers account will have to be restricted from recverying any alpha characters in NA-West Server, until auxiliary maintenance for patch scheduled on 8:00AM (UTC) / 1:00AM (PDT) March 26th. Which means, Alpha Testers will be able to create new character after maintenance without any problem.

To repay your long-waited time, we are giving 50% bonus to FP and doubling the EXP from dungeon clears to all players in NA-West Delezie Server until March 27th 9:00AM (UTC).
So with the other word, players in Delezie will have 234 maximum FP with double EXP boost.

Make sure to re-join the channel if you are not enabled with those bonuses.

Additionally, we are banning gold seller accounts. We will strongly respond to any kind of RMT being held in DFO.

We are truly sorry about inconvenience, and thank you for the cooperation with much patience.
We will do our best to have solution for any other inconveniences as soon as possible.

Thank you

Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team