Mar 25, 2015

NA-East Cain server is now up!

Greetings Fighters!

Currently, the NA-East Cain server is online.

However, we are informing bad news to users who play in NA-West Delezie server. 
We updated patches to solve problem regarding NA-West Delegie Server being unstable, however, due to technical difficulty, we are enabling NA-East Cain only.
Therefore, we decided to extend maintenance for only NA-West Delezie server.

Estimated time for completion is more than a day. We will notice you as soon as possible when it is ready to open. 

Again, please understand the maintenance in NA-West only. NA-East is currently online.

It might be not convenient to play but in the meantime, please use NA-East Cain server until NA-West Delezie server is fixed.  

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.
- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team